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When is Doing the 92 not Doing the 92?

This has been an unusual season for the 92.

First, Coventry's owners deciding to relocate them to Birmingham, meaning there would only be 91 League grounds to visit this season.

Then the Football League decided to expel Bury because financial difficulties meant they had been unable to fulfill their fixtures. Our views on this are well known, but in terms of what this means for the site, it takes the number of current League grounds down to 90.

We have held off removing Gigg Lane from the list of current League grounds, but with no League football being played there this season we have reluctantly decided to register Gigg Lane as an ex-League ground from mid-August. We have reflected this on our 2019/20 wallchart by showing Bury and Gigg Lane greyed out, but in terms of the site and your DT92 counts, Gigg Lane will no longer count as one of the 92. If you have visited Gigg Lane, your DT92 Count will drop by 1 when next calculated.

The maximum DT92 Count anyone can get this season is therefore 90.

We have been asked if it is necessary to see a Coventry game at St Andrews and the answer is not as far as your DT92 Count is concerned if you have already seen a game there. There are many good reasons to see Coventry play of course but your DT92 Count is the number of current League Grounds you have seen a game at, not the number of different home teams.


A sad day for fans of all football clubs

The demise of League One Bury is terrible news.

Primarily for fans of the Shakers of course, and the town and wider community who took great pride in their recent promotion, but it's also a sad day for fans of all clubs who share your shock and disbelief that no solution to the financial problems could be found.

We have been vocal in our criticism of rogue owners in the past, and will continue to speak out as erratic entrepreneurs treat our clubs as their personal plaything or project.

Let’s be clear – football is not a ‘business’, it is a sport, it is a shared recreation and passion for thousands of people, many of whom identify with their team more strongly than with anything else. Our clubs are part of the fabric of our country and although we’re not naïve enough to say money has no part to play in football, it should not dominate in the way it has been allowed to since 1992.

The finances of most clubs in the League show they are not run as successful businesses, so why hold them to account on those terms alone? To throw Bury out for failing as a business makes no sense in footballing terms. Sure, if the club is unable to pay its bills it will need to restructure, and it will need time to do so, but expelling it from the League makes no sense at all. Surely a suspension to the end of the season would have been possible while a new club is formed?  

Can the FA and Football League draw breath and learn from this? I really hope so, but if not, I’d say they are no longer fit to be sole arbiters of the game in this country. If they think football is just about survival of the richest then I fear the vibrant and diverse football culture we currently enjoy will be dead within my lifetime.

If we have to talk about money, then firm financial governance and stiff penalties for clubs that flout it is the only way to keep the game competitive. Limit what clubs can spend on players each season.  Limit the number of players a club can have on their books if necessary. Find a way to make it more attractive to sign a player from a lower-League club instead of a similarly skilled player from abroad. The bigger clubs will always try to get around any rules that are put in place, but these are your fellow members. Introduce an ungentlemanly conduct rule that allows the FA / League to say ‘that action may not be specifically covered by the rules but is against the spirit of fair play’ so we’re not going to allow it.

And finally, stop ignoring the hundreds of thousands of us who love our clubs and happily pay over the odds to support them.  An owner is just one voice but to often they seem to have the only say over major decisions. Change the name of our club? Change the colour of our shirts? Move us to Milton Keynes? Going forward we need a change in governance not just of the game, but of each individual club that makes these actions impossible without the support of the fans.

Pat 28Aug2019


Bury's sad demise means there should only be 90 active League grounds this season but we're not going to remove Gigg Lane from the list just yet. It's too soon, and maybe the League will come under pressure to rethink their decision. We'll decide what to do at the end of September.


As for the rest of the League, with Coventry's venture capitalist owners incapable of negotiating a deal to enable them to play in their own city, the fans and team will now face a 20 mile journey due-west to Birmingham for their home games.

This means that until the end of September there will be 91 League grounds and we have altered the code to take this into account. You don't need to see Coventry play at St Andrews as well as Birmingham - either will do to count towards the 91.

Our support is firmly with the Coventry City and Bury fans, as it is with fans of Bolton, Blackpool, Leeds, Charlton and all the other clubs who have been treated with contempt by their various owners over recent seasons. We have witnessed a coming together of fans over these issues and long may that continue. Yes, we all shout for our own team and only our own team when the game kicks off, but following football is a passion we all share and we are much stronger with a unified voice. So please do support and respect fans when they are forced to protest and even boycott their own team's games, because who knows which club the next deluded Belgian or bunch of venture capitalists will take a vague interest in.


Using the site

Add your games and then look through the displays to see how close to visiting all 91 current League grounds you have come over time.

Click on the Add Your Games button in the menu and then select one of the methods to enter your games. Remember that you need to Sign In first - click on the link in the top right corner to do that. You'll then see your user name and your current DT92 Count displayed there. (Your DT92 Count is the number of current League grounds you have seen a game at - it will still be called your DT92 count for now).

Once you've added some games, go through the various displays under Your Games to see how you're getting on. The site automatically works out your DT92 Count over time, taking into account ground moves, promotions and relegations. Warning, some of the displays take a while to build so be patient!

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